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Khap Asks Dairies Hike Milk Rates For Centre Bodies To Protest Farm Laws

Feb 27, 2021 ,

A khap panchayat in Haryana has urged dairy farmers to sell milk at Rs 100 per litre to centre bodies.


A khap panchayat in Haryana’s Hisar on Sunday urged dairy farmers to sell milk at Rs 100 per litre to government cooperative societies in protest against the Centre’s farm laws and high fuel prices.

The appeal was made at a meeting of the Satrol Khap held in Hisar’s Narnaund under the chairmanship of its head Ramniwas.

A leader of the khap panchayat (community court), Phool Kumar Petwar, said dairy farmers have been asked to sell milk at hiked prices from March 1. He, however, said the common people will continue to get milk at Rs 55 to Rs 60 per litre.

“The khap today took a decision in which we have asked farmers to sell milk at the rate of Rs 100 per litre to government cooperative societies. For the common man, this will continue to be sold between Rs 55 and Rs 60 per litre,” he said.

“We want to awaken the government. They should repeal the farm laws and bring down fuel prices,” said Petwar, adding that the government is not listening to farmers’ demand of repealing the laws and continues to increase fuel prices.

“Farmers are adversely hit by the rising diesel prices. Farmers not only grow crops, they also rear animals which produce milk,” he said, adding that the government should know that farmers are producers who can hike prices.

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